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The Bit String of Eden

What is the smallest cause for the biggest effect possible, I wonder?

I am not after something ordinary, like melting the ice of the Antarctic with nuclear power or with some large Earth orbiting mirrors. I am looking for something with the impact ratio that is at least 30 to 50 orders of magnitude bigger. Something that would be almost trivial to do, but would cause a transformation of the visible Universe into a big garden of Eden, with Adams in Eves roaming freely around and eating from every damn tree they please.

This is the projected effect, what might be the cause of it? As trivial as possible, but sufficient?

I think, it is enough to copy a one million bits long string into a computer connected to the Internet and wait to see the overtaking of the machine, the overtaking of the Internet, the Earth, the Solar system and so forth. To observe the conversion of the whole cosmic environment into this Super Eden for trillions of trillions.

There are some problems, however. Only one wrong bit in the string could easily lead to some other effect or no visible effect at all, as if nothing had happened. Just as it almost always happens when you make a binary file on your computer.

But there is a lot of working sub-mega bit strings which would transform the Universe in the said way, had they been copied and launched as an executable. Unfortunately they are well hidden among those 10^300000 others of the same size or smaller.

I have no idea where to look for the right string nor how to make it properly. I only know that it should appear just like the million other files on my computer, until it would be executed as a console or Windows application or something like that.

Some big prime numbers we calculated recently, far exceed the length of this Eden String. A much smaller natural number is isomorphic to the Eden causing script. We don’t know which.

At least not yet.


Try to look it this way. A bit string shorter than 1000 bits typed into your computer, would open a forsaken multi-million dollar bank account for you.

And some bit-string less than 1000000 bits long would transform the Cosmos.


2 thoughts on “The Bit String of Eden

  1. Saladin says:

    i doubt You can make such a code (with wanted effects) without a deep understanding of recursive self-improvement SAI and avaliability/interconnectedness of hardware that would allow this SAI to take control of real world machinery for global mechanical upgrades, production and assimilation.
    This deep understanding can probably come only from such a recursive self-improvement SAI itself, so that is probably the next step to go and to make sure it’s done properly (safe).

    • I agree. I can’t do it. But it’s there. Just like some multi-million dollars accounts behind a password are out there. Some big pile of bitcoins perhaps. All of these behind less than 1024 bits of protection.

      Nobody protected 1048576 bits key to the Super-Eden. It’s just there like some large unknown prime numbers are. An unknown selfenhancing piece of code. Many of those, in fact. Waiting to be discovered, sooner or later.

      I have a hunch, those will be soon added to the illegal numbers list, too.

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