Planet rotation, extreme case

Imagine a complicated system of mirrors concentrating  all the sunlight that is now falling on the Moon, onto a hotspot around the Moon-Sun nadir point (the point under the Sun), with an area of 100 square miles.

The hotspot would have almost the same temperature as the Sun’s surface and would relay the same amount of energy from the Sun that the entire Moon’s surface does today.

The average temperature of the Moon would be just around 3 Kelvins that only one percent of what it is now.

The same energy flow traveling from the Sun to the empty space, via the Moon, at an average Moon temperature that would be much, much lower than it is today.

This is the previous post on rotation, taken to an extreme, for everybody to understand.

One must disperse a given energy flow evenly, to achieve the maximal possible average temperature on the planet surface. For this, very large rotational velocities around all three axis are recommended, so as to warm both the north and the south pole.

The Earth has never spun this way,  but it has spun faster before and during the good old days of the tropical dinosaur infested paradise.

Due to the faster rotation, the snow had no big presence, not even in the polar areas.

At least the planetary scientists should know this!


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