The Tesla Myth …

… is everywhere these days. It is a kind of a religion, a strange mix of technology and New Age zealotry.

What the man, a great man no doubt, has done, was a magnificent hack, a patch, which enables humanity to produce and use electricity without the need of geographical proximity of the producer to the consumer. Which proved to be essential.

The hack was called AC – alternate current.

Today this brilliant hack is becoming more and more obsolete. The conversion of AC to DC which is the only type of a current that computers and most other appliances can use, is not without a  price. Some big power plants, like Itaipu are quite Edisonian and they have been producing HVDC electric power for a long time. Slowly the AC is loosing it’s battle against the DC.

Yes, Nikola Tesla was a technological genius of his time and we owe him a lot, but he was not a big scientist, let alone a semi-god like creature that many believe him to be.

Move on, give the man some well deserved peace!


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