Another myth …

… that life around hot vents, deep under the ocean is autonomous, independent of the Sun’s light, is enormously successful. But in fact, if there were no green plants under the sea and on land providing oxygen by photosynthesis, those crabs and fish and so on around those vents would suffocate soon. What would remain, would be some anaerobic bacteria.

The multicellular life down there also needs oxygen, and only green plants under the Sun are a big enough provider.

Which brings us to the next well guarded myth, with the opposite flavor. That if all insect  suddenly died, we would also follow them soon thereafter. Especially since Einstein said so.

In fact he didn’t say it. In fact not even all flowering plants would perish if the insects were gone. It would be a considerable economic problem for us, the price of tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as many fruits would go up, but that’s about all. We can pollinate every commercially interesting plant artificially.

We are also often systematically led to believe many other myths: how biodiversity is automatically something good, that non-native species are automatically something bad, and many more. Who is responsible for this?

Nobody. We are just witnessing the information stampede through our heads and computers. With the recent global increase of bandwidth the pace of this stampede significantly increased as well. Both, the truth and all the lies about something travel even faster in all directions. Just like in the case of an enormously big heard of cows, you can’t really tell where it will go and where it will stop, if  anywhere.

The question is, can this whirling be influenced? We shall see.





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