A Permutator, NMRI Style

Currently, the best (N)MRI technologies have a resolution close to one nanometer.  Which is about 10 atoms wide.

It is important to remember, that NMRI is not just a camera. Every atom detected, is an atom influenced or moved. Peripheral Nerve Stimulation is already a standard medical procedure, using this two way street – seeing is moving. And this has no limit, except for the Heisenberg Indeterminacy Principle, which is relevant only beyond/bellow the point where atoms are being taken from one and placed into another molecule. Just like with some old-fashioned nanotechnology, atomic precision manufacturing is possible. What is more, with NMRI manufacturing, you will need no nanomachines!

The most important limitation of the future NMRI Permutator is heat dissipation. Just as in today’s NMRI tunnel the patient is being warmed up while being scanned, the future objects of permutations will heat up as well. So it will be necessary to permutate the atoms of a corpse  slowly, if you want to resurrect it inside a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging Permutator Machine, without cooking the cadaver. A cool cooling device will be most handy.

But there is no principle that would prevent you from doing it, it’s just your rock axe; not precise enough to repair a Swiss watch. Yet.


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