Conservative Radical Futurism

They say, that change is the only constant. Well, that’s about to change!

We cannot afford eternal all encompassing change, since everything we want is going to disappear after some finite amount of time. Therefore we must freeze at least some. Or better, we must control everything to minimize the probability of being overrun by something. Be it an alien invasion, a nearby supernova, a wandering black hole or anything else.

We, or at least some of us, don’t want this.

We are facing the following list in descending order:

N0>>N1>>N2>>N3>>N4>>N5 (Where “>>” stands for “hugely larger than”)

N0 = number of all mathematically possible permutations of the smallest particles inside this space, whatever its dimensions.

N1 = number of all permutations permitted by physics.

N2 = number of all permutations obtainable from here onward.

N3 = number of all desirable permutations of the above number (N2)

N4 = number of all stable or dynamically stable permutations that don’t decay

N5 = number of future permutations that we are going to start someday in a not so distant future.

N5 is still a very large number, the number of all our future moments. They ought to be good, since this is our destiny and we prefer good over bad.

It has to be said loud and clear, that the finite-ness of this number has some inescapable consequences. The most important one is this: there is no way, we could “progress forever”, no matter how large a space we conquer, an optimal situation is quickly reached and the final frontier is here.

Some argue that we can indefinitely progress in virtual space. Which is nonsense, since every virtual configuration corresponds to some physical permutation, whose number is finite.

The eudemonic life according to Bostrom is out of the question. A big cyclical(?) party is the best you can possibly get out of this world.

Could be unimaginably good, though.



One thought on “Conservative Radical Futurism

  1. Saladin says:

    “A big cyclical(?) party is the best you can possibly get out of this world.”
    Only if extremely limited by time/resources.

    But if future infinite survival is possible and we think to the max, then

    The biggest attainable and sustainable (safe and reversible)
    cyclical and/or paralel and/or combined and/or selective and/or (limited) random
    party is the best you can get (in terms of unique experiences).

    If you add the possibility of tuning the cosmological parameters of the (simulated) universe(s) you are in – then you have almost an unlimited number of unique variations to be used. More then enough, that you may not experience them twice in any finite time in the future.

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