Someone is Wrong, on the Internet

This guy!

Reaching orbital speed takes much more fuel than reaching orbital height

That’s not true. What do you reckon, that all the fuel is used for in the first second after ignition? Be it Saturn V or a Space Shuttle?

It’s used mostly for keeping the vehicle hanging in the air. It stays that way for quite a while. At least until the ascent is more or less vertical. That’s why the rockets take a more horizontal position as soon as possible, and then the remaining fuel is spent achieving orbital velocity,

The majority of the fuel is used merely for neutralizing the force of gravity.


One thought on “Someone is Wrong, on the Internet

  1. msjr says:

    Nasa agrees.

    ATV2 arrived at the space station in february 2011 and brought the fuel needed to boost the station from 350 to 400 kilometers (normal planned altitude).

    The main benefit of raising the station’s altitude was to cut the amount of fuel needed to keep it there by more than half.

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