The Way of the Smartass

Let’s say, that a scientific community has a consensus. For example, that 2000 years ago people always navigated near shores, just to be on the safe side.

Archaeologists, historians and every book on the subject — they should know their own field, shouldn’t they?

But you take a ruler and draw the shortest line possible between two major ports on either side of a sea and say: Here they’ve traveled!

Then you continue with your arrogance, saying: I bet they drank the wine they were transporting there, and I bet they threw empty bottles overboard.

Let’s say you then take your ship across the line you drew and find an unprecedented amount of empty ancient bottles under the sea, just where you predicted they were going to be.

Robert Ballard did this. Another great smart-ass in an honorable line which made this world an interesting place. Without them, everything would stay boring, as it used to be.


3 thoughts on “The Way of the Smartass

  1. msjr says:

    You are talking about J. G. Ballard? If yes then I must say that in my opinion his science fiction stays in shadow of the Crash, the mindblowing story adapted into the movie by Cronenberg. Maybee it’s because I’m fan of Cronenberg’s movies (altought he sometimes repeats himself), but nevertheless I agree.

    If we are not talking about the same Ballard take this comment as irrelevant.

  2. msjr says:

    Meanwhile, if you bet they threw empty bottles over board, I say that today the penalty is more than 1.000 euro for that. What a pity for further smartasses.

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