Liquid Nitrogen

Take a ton of it during a cold winter morning and pour it down the canalization shaft. It will be the last day for the fauna inside.

Or pour a ton of it across a frog pond in the spring. All mosquito larvae will die with no harm to the fish bellow.

A cloud of mosquitoes, encountering a cloud of frozen nitrogen droplets is an unforgettable event to watch. They fall down in millions.

On a hot summer day, you can spray your house or flat interior with it and insects will go away.

No toxicity involved.

And if the fire catches your neighbor’s house, spray it with wast amounts of liquid nitrogen. It will put out the fire by cooling and by oxygen deprivation.

Putting out forest fires should also work miraculously. If you want to kill a snake in its hole, just add enough of this marvelous liquid.

In the field, where you grow food and where the pests take it from you, spray it over them. Little bugs will die long before your corn would be affected.

Venomous spiders and scorpions in a given area can be eradicated with enough cold nitrogen.

If you have fire ants in your garden, cockroaches in your basement or termites in attics – don’t hesitate. Apply LN.

Caution is advised when handling it, but it’s a shame not to use it!


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