With S:

Him: So you say, this technology expansion means the end of the world as we know it?

Me: Yes, I think so.

Him: You base this on your naturalistic worldview?

Me: Yes I do.

Him: But, if for example Creationism is true, it will not happen?

Me: No, it will not! In that case all science is a myth and all technology is a mirage. No Singularity then. Most likely.

Him: I see.

Me: I wouldn’t count on that, though.

With J:

Him: How can you expect, a stupid machine to ever surpass the magnificent evolution of the whole Earth system, that has already been going on for 4.5 billion years. And now, a primitive machine can overtake this grand wisdom accumulated over eons?

Me: Look at these machines and technology as a pinnacle process caused by this grand natural wisdom you admire so much! In fact, we needed Evolution, I’ll give you that.

Him: We should be grateful to and respectful of Nature! And not just look at her as a source of raw materials.

Me: What is a deer for a wolf? A source of raw materials. All biology works this way.

Him: No it doesn’t. Ecology, the most advanced biological science teaches us, that spices look for their niches, and don’t just compete brutally in a Darwinian sense.

Me: They look for niches just to catch raw materials in the form of vegetables or meat.

Him: It is remarkable how primitive your views on some topics are.

With A:

Her: You don’t like Chomsky, why?

Me: His main (single) theory failed. Languages aren’t structured as he predicted.

Her: How come, what do you mean?

Me: For example, some languages have no recursion. You can’t say “my brother’s wife’s dog’s collar”. And those same languages have no numbers except one, two and many. Even “two” is vague, they say. This is something Chomsky has no explanation for.

With E:

Him: So you say, the Internet will rise and we are all doomed.

Me: No, that’s not me, that’s Cameron in Terminator.

Him: No, that’s not Internet, that’s Skynet. But what are you saying, really?

Me: I am saying, we should run 1 billion trials with 999,999,999 errors per second. Then we will do whatever we want.

Him: Do you realize, how stupid and wasteful the process of evolution is?

Me: It is not. I think however that we shouldn’t evolve a new BMW, but rather the whole plant for producing this still unseen new model. (You can process it per partes. A crane hand first, for example.)

Him: Do you know how many atoms there are to calculate with on even a small part? That would be an epic scale waste of computational resources with no results.

Me: There is no need for atomic precision here. Sometimes there is. Look – you do it your way, I’ll do it my way. The history will tell.

Him: But Evolution may be dangerous!

Me: I thought you said it doesn’t work.








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