What is ‘Cathedral’?  It’s a political term for a wide consensus between the so called mainstream politicians. From American Republicans to French Socialists. Supported by all the mainstream media, universities, civil services and so on. From the Cathedral’s point of view, the far right and the far left are just crackpots, not worth listening to, mildly put.

The same goes for science, there is a Cathedral, that you don’t want to challenge in any way, for fear of being labeled a crackpot or worse.

Where is The scientific Cathedral wrong, where does it manipulate with the facts? Even if its members and the institutions it encompasses are mostly right, they probably do make a mistake every now and then, don’t they?

For example, they are telling us, that our genetic code is 99% similar to that of an average chimpanzee. Well, genetic code is a code, and even a single different bit (1 billionth) could result in a completely different outcome.

1% is a huge difference between us and chimps. Huge.

The Cathedral


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