A Cathedral’s Cathedral in Swiss

Another case, where the science Cathedral is very unforgiving is the CERN LHC.
Years ago, they were quite detrminated to:
  1. find a lot of new particles
  2. likely to produce some miniature black holes
  3. likely to confirm supersymmetry
  4. possibly find some unexpected events 
  5. NOT endanger our world in any way whatsoever (any different view is deeply unscientific)
How to reconcile 4 with with 5, I wondered back then and I still do. 
As I am happy, that all we “unsceintific sceptics”  have been proven wrong, and we are still here, I have to say that nobody expected a certain end of the world, only a possibility.
Now, after this first turn of a Russian roulette, which went so well, they are filling the pistol once again, for a slightly bigger bang in 2015.
The Cathedral assures us that NOTHING can possibly go wrong. Didn’t you all see, how they discovered the Highs boson? Or at least some signs of it? And they told us that it’s competently safe! We are supposed to be thrilled!

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