Natural Language Machine

It’s important to understand, that the mathematical language is just a subset of enough complex natural languages, like English and most others.

For any, no matter how fancy and complex formula, there is a perfect description of it in the natural language. It just isn’t true, that some things can be described  only by using math. Every formula has it’s equivalent in English.

Not only every formula, but every algorithm as well is describable in plain English. It’s an accepted fact, when the algorithm is simple. For example, how to calculate the arithmetic average of several numbers? Divide the sum of all of them with their number. Suffices. But no matter how complex the subject, there is always a way to say it in a natural language. Check every element of a list with all the elements on its right side. Whenever the right one is smaller, swap them. This is a simple sorting algorithm. It could be any algorithm, they are fully translatable. Disambiguations can be made arbitrarily small. They are present in modern day computer machine code as well, as bugs and they are curable.

One could even translate every software ever written into German. A right machine could run it perfectly. Windows based PC, or a smartphone, doesn’t matter, the machine code deep down is talking German. A very simplified version of it, even. The inner working of a processor is fully describable in Latin. That would be something! A Latin description of all the algorithms, procedures, physical processes like a nuclear reactor operation, mathematical formulas and proofs. Luna mission software is rather trivial to put in to Latin, it’s small for today’s standards. Just translate everything in to Latin!

Who wants to be the Pope?





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