4 thoughts on “Today, I Am 20000 Days Old

    • Thanks! With the progress of science and technology, I expect Google mail, Skype and probably some new services will notify us about such occasions in advance, in some not too distant future.

      I nearly missed it yesterday; it would be such a shame…

    • I’ll mend this for Woshi users. They will be (optionally) informed about some basics, like X-versaries and such. Golden birthdays and so on.

      Your 22,000,000 minutary is interesting because it was on a special day. On the most special day of the year! Your 23,000,000 minutary will be much less special, as you know.

      You can validate such special times and even find the most remarkable one. And put it in a perspective with others. More improbable, the better. A few simple math facts, people might love.

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