Computer Programers Hierarchy

  1. unable to program, have no idea how to do it
  2. can do some simple programs in whatever language, even something useful, perhaps even some killer application
  3. have a good understanding of algorithms like sorting or graphic filters and able to use them in programs in most domains
  4. able to write something like Notepad++ or a computer game or internet browser or major company’s software
  5. able to produce an OS; able to produce a complex game engine; real world modelling like weather/internal combustion engine; NASA, CERN, NSA, NORAD, etc.
  6. able to produce his own groundbreaking language and compiler – LISP, COBOL, C++ and some other qualify – or Satoshi Nakamoto scheme for Bitcoin or Ethereum like concepts
  7. a Paul Hsieh level grandmaster of code; parallel and vector programing; voice recognition; computer vision and other AI stuff
  8. independently devise major algorithms; makes computer proofs in mathematics; chess and go programs at the very top level
  9. build programs, which builds programs, which builds programs … any level deep;  able to build an algorithms making machine
  10. making a nontrivial self-improving code a.k.a. superintelligence
  11. being a superintelligence, written by someone from the 10th floor

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