WoShi II

Meanwhile the concept had to be changed a little. Now it’s a scripting language with just one kind of statements.

For example

operation[@100-131] melting IN (ore 0, 10*coal 10, 5*water 20, 500*water 30) OUT(molten_substance 30, 2*ash 33) PROMPT(molten_substance 2 -100 cube)

You can have any number of operations with any number of INs and any number of OUTs inside brackets with relative times when they are needed or obtained from an operation. PROMPT means the “molten_substance” will sustain a damage proportional to the cube of time, but only after 2 units of time if the ‘molten_substance’ is not passed into the  IN of another operation.

This way you can describe any working process, be it simple like a school schedule, as elaborate as car manufacturing or running a restaurant kitchen. Either way WoShi will plan and optimize it for you, fully automatically.

WoShi is going to be on CeBit Hanover all of next week, after which it will be deployed to a number of users.

WoShi is no expert system whatsoever, has zero internal knowledge about production or scheduling or anything remotely related. WoShi just compiles and runs the script you give it. If you don’t like what you get, change your script a bit!

Basically, with WoShi you plan an optimal algorithm!


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