Global Warming

Let us concentrate on Venus’ surface, where the Hell is hot, as they say, because of the carbon dioxide that is so plentiful there. So the Sun’s rays are trapped there.

Now I’ll pretend for a moment, that I buy this story, as it is expected from anyone to kneel down here and believe.

What if I go one meter deep, beneath the surface of Venus – how hot is it there? Even hotter? If it is hotter, does the layer of soil, one meter tick also works as greenhouse gases allegedly do? If so, how is that this doesn’t happen here, on Earth?

Obviously, it could not be hotter 1 meter down than on the surface, if the “greenhouse effect” is to blame for the surface temperature.

Now, is it cooler? If it is cooler, then how does the inner heat from inside Venus escape? How does the heat cheat the 0’th LoT? How on Venus, does the heat transfer from the cooler depths to the hotter surface?

In fact, there is no “greenhouse effect”. It’s just an illusion, like many others. The surface of Venus is mainly heated from the planet’s core. If this core were already cold as stone, then on the bottom of Venus the atmosphere would be as chilly as in the deep ocean.

The whole Arrhenius greenhouse story is a bogus one. Very much like that one popular “explanation” why planes fly. Namely, that the different speed of air flow on the top of the wing than on the bottom surface of the wing creates a net lift. This is what almost everybody believed for a half of a century and what has been taught on Top Gun Academy and  what most people still believe. But it’s wrong, some planes can fly belly up also; Google for it!


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