Venus Debate

Him: I see, you have quite a non-ortodox view about this matter. Completely unscientific, I should add.

Me: What’s so unscientific about it?

Him: Almost everything. For example, this idea that the volcanic heat is the cause of the extreme heat on the surface of Venus, has been debunked long ago. Now we know that the greenhouse effect is to blame.

Me: Even at night, almost two months after sunset? Even in polar regions?

Him: Fast winds disperse the heat evenly around the Venus globe.

Me: What fast winds?

Him: They blow with the speed of many hundreds of kilometers per hour, transporting the heat around.

Me: Only at high altitudes, where the atmosphere is already thin and not that hot at all, many hundreds of degrees cooler, actually. Down at the surface where it is hot, every wind is just a breeze of about 10 kilometers per hour.

Him: Where did you get this?

Me: Try Wikipedia this time. See?

Him: I suppose so. But you see, it’s a very dense wind.

Me: Not that dense. About 16 times less dense than water.

Him. Still, it transports a lot of heat around.

Me: Not very far, it’s too slow.

Him: But this gas is a great heat conductor. It can transport the heat by conducting it!

Me: Even if the surface was a really good heat conductor, like metal, it would still be a much slower method of heating the night-side than these mild winds blowing there are.

Me: The reason, that it isn’t cold on the surface of Venus after 1200 hours of darkness, that in fact it’s about the same temperature as when the Sun is in the zenith, are the hot rocks heated by magma bellow.

Me: Deep mine shafts, either in Alaska in the middle of January either in Ecuador in March are also hot thanks to Earth’s hot interior.

Me: There is no “greenhouse rocks effect”.

Him: I wish my professor were here, to give you a lesson.

Me: Yet another confused soul?








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