Let Me Do Some Science!

What I consider science is quite different what is generally considered science and this gap is a wide one.

The vast majority of what is going on under the name of science is irrelevant by my book. A newly discovered star or fish is not science, must be something much bigger. Like continental drift or a (long eluded?) proof of an important theorem.

Science is for people like Galileo, but Leonardo was no scientist. Neither were Edison or Tesla. A Nobel prize winner for physics or chemistry isn’t necessary a scientist either, despite many of them being just that.

I’m guessing that about one thousand scientists have ever lived and they have made the several thousands scientific discoveries discovered so far. Everything else should go under “natural investigations”, technology or “chronicles”. 

If you live in a big city or in a small country, chances are that there is currently no scientist alive there. Chances are, that no real scientist has ever been born or lived there.

Why this dichotomy, you ask?

Equalizing  Heisenberg and your nephew who is now employed as a scientist at the local institute for something, just isn’t right. For he is struggling to understand what Heisenberg has said. While Heisenberg said something important your nephew doesn’t comprehend or even care.

In the improbable case, that your nephew is or will become a great scientist like Lagrange, I apologize. Even if he has never heard of Heisenberg, even big scientists are only humans.

A small elite of real scientists, with the majority of them dead, must be no alibi for every university professor to say – I am one of them!

He’s not. He is closer to a village mediocre or idiot than to Einstein or Darwin. Much closer, let’s be just!  Assuming that your Relativity teacher would eventually discover Relativity by himself, for he apparently understands it very clearly and he was just born too late – is a big mistake. He would have happily remained a Newtonist, had Einstein or some other large figure not been born in time.

When writing the code for your basement or corporate AI, be careful not to make it as smart as your math teacher! It would be nearly useless this way. You have to go after Leibniz smart at least!


4 thoughts on “Let Me Do Some Science!

  1. Saladin says:

    No need to belitle the scientific comunity by degrading them – we just need some better terms for the truly scientific elite that provided the milestones, paradigm shifts etc…
    Scientists should still be called scientists, while scientific revolutionaries like the ones mentioned should definetly get some more apperication with titles like “scientific genious”, “scientific mastermind”, “scientific inovator”, “scientific revolutionary”…
    I’m sure ther’re lots of more grandiose titles to be found to fully appreciate their contributions and positions in science in general.

    • My intentions here are clear. The scientific community as a mass of a million or so people employed as scientists, does not deserve the same high status as that of Newton or Heisenberg.

      Still, they operate in “Newton was one of us mode”. Either explicitly or implicitly. This kind of that high status and that high status signaling is undeserved, Newton was not one of them. Currently there is no more than 100 great scientists alive that they can’t be blamed for saying “Heisenberg was one of us”. Those 100 or so, may justly be club members. Like Hawking or Wiles (of Fermat last theorem), for example.

      But this mass of about one million “smaller scientists” has a political power and many agendas which have nothing to do with science as such. They should express them freely, sure. But from somebody who discovered that rabbits are faster than previously thought, I would not necessarily buy a philosophy of how society should be. What they – as a community – eagerly propagate.

      We don’t need to agree even with Einstein always. Even less with the preaching scientists what’s settled. Nothing is settled, we can rethink everything we please to.

  2. Saladin says:

    “”The scientific community as a mass of a million or so people employed as scientists, does not deserve the same high status as that of Newton or Heisenberg.””

    But lets be civil and not degrade them – instead elevate the exceptional ones to a higher level.
    You know the saying – The wolf’s sated and the sheep’s alive.

    • Is this Tyson, the guy who substitutes Sagan now in Cosmos reincarnated, anyway kind to Church or to Creationists or to whomever who does not subscribe entirely to the current scientific “consensus”?

      As much as it is necessary for him to be politically correct, but no more.

      Why to give the scientific community a nice treatment, when the scientific community is quite hostile to everyone who is for example a crackpot or denier or only in a disagreement for now, since his ideas will become mainstream in a decade or so?

      The whole history of science is a battle between the establishment and dissidents. Some of those dissidents are wrong, or not even wrong, but some do change the whole landscape and become new saints.

      But it is not the only reason, not even the most important. Ladies and gentlemen of science, machines will take it from here, sooner or later. Thank you for everything you have done so far, it was a lot, but your services will not be needed anymore.

      Certainly we don’t need preachings just about everything, from this community.

      Strangely, but armed with some super Deep Blue on my phone, I have little respect to all the chess grandmasters of the world, dead or alive. Their time has already passed. What they are saying for example about chess game teaching in elementary schools, is not important anymore.

      Thank you boys for keeping this beautiful game alive and well, for centuries, thank you for many insights, but we are at the end of human powered chess now.

      The same is about to go for science.

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