Sudoku Is a 3×3 Crossword!

First, we have nine symbols: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.

Then, we have an alphabet of 9 factorial letters made of those symbols. The first letter of this alphabet is 123456789 and the last letter is 987654321.

Legal words generated from this alphabet are three letters long. “123456789 456789123 789123456” is an example.

A crossword of three such legal words horizontally and three such legal words vertically is a solved Sudoku puzzle!

An unsolved Sudoku puzzle is a subset of symbols with the property, that no two solved puzzles share this subset.

Perhaps I’m going to create ALL possible Sudokus. In the form of a small self-extracting executable, of course.

Currently I have no incentive for such a flooding, but that might change.


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