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Water on Earth

It is from Earth, not from comets, not from asteroids.

There’s more than one million cups of water of it on our planet. Cups as large as the comet was 65 or 66 million years ago. There wasn’t enough time for all our water to be delivered this way. Where in time are you going to put all those alleged events?

None of the latter big bombardment were nearly big enough.

Almost all of our water for the last 4.5 billion years has always been with us. Just as all the sulphur has.

Chemically recombined who knows how, but all the water is originally from here.

(I won a bet on the Extropy mailing list, what Rosetta was about to say, a few days ago. It is in a perfect accordance with what I have written above.)


2 thoughts on “Water on Earth

  1. Luka says:

    Sounds reasonable to me. I’ve been wondering this myself these days, I can’t understand how bombardment can be favorite for water on earth among scientists.

    • The Moon is dry. As least on the surface. That’s why they want to have the Earth’s water younger than the Moon is.

      But back then, when the Moon was forming after the collision of proto-Earth and a wandering proto-planet, the Moon forming debris was so hot, it could easily have evaporate all the water into space.

      Additionally, I can’t see how on Earth people could ever have expected water on the surface of the Moon. Too much ultraviolet light there, not to destroy every single water molecule, long ago!

      Frankly, I find this whole affair rather typical for the geophysics. The whole “community” could not see the obvious many times in the past. Plate tectonics is a wonderful example, but not the only one. They also didn’t see the lake Missoula for decades! And about ten more.

      Might be something sinister here. Like “Here I accept all the present dogmas in the planetary science, so I am one of you, don’t you see!”

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