Black Holes

In the center of our galaxy, there is a supermassive black hole. I have little doubt of that.

Say, that you go there. It will take about 25000 years according to our Earth clocks, and less than say, 100 years according to the travelers’s clock.

What will you see there, on the other side of the event horizon of the central black hole?

Don’t worry, you won’t necessarily die there, crossing the surface of the central black hole’s horizon.

It could be, that you will see another, smaller black hole, orbiting and swallowing a big star, which (the star) has another black hole in its center! Maybe you’ll only see one million or so ordinary stars of all types and many neutron stars orbiting around each other.

What is a black hole from the inside? Maybe a giant “solar system” with millions of stars and even more planets and gas clouds orbiting each other. No singularity anywhere.

It’s possible that there are only stars inside a black hole! And some pulsars or neutron stars, perhaps. And some smaller black holes, too. Some of them might be nothing else than a lot of stars, again orbiting around each other!

It’s very much like frying eggs on a frying pan. Breaking one egg, usually means seeing the yoke and the white. But sometimes there is another egg inside. I am sure  you have seen this on youtube.

In the case of black holes, it’s just much more diverse. A black hole may have a lot of stars inside. And a star may have a black hole inside. And a planet, which could have a black hole inside.

It’s not necessarily all black inside the supermassive central galactic black hole!


2 thoughts on “Black Holes

  1. I think, that in a normal Universe, in the Universe we have, that there is very possible that a black hole is inside a star, or that just two stars orbiting closely each other are seen as a black hole for a distant observer.

    More. I think, that the supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way is nothing but a million or so objects like stars, neutron stars, black holes and what not.

    Why do I think so?

    For the density of a galaxy increases when you go to the center. Here around, you have a star every 7 or so light years. Nearer to the center it is a light week or so.

    That is just how the galaxies are. But when you have a light day or so between stars, and when their number is sufficiently big – they are together seen as a (giant) black hole. The density is the key.

    This is known for decades, at least. I have expressed it here, to “dip it”, in the case nobody has done it so explicitly before.

    Whenever you have a black hole condition equation met, you should see a black hole there. If enough mass density is inside a sufficiently large sphere, it looks like a black hole.

    Say, that we pull a million or so stars in our vicinity closer to us. Inside the current boundaries of our Solar system to orbit. It would be quite hot and bright, yes. Unless we chop them into giant planets first. Then, we could have a billion planets solar system, with no big problems.

    But for an outside observer, it would appear as a black hole.

    That is exactly what is going on in the center of our galaxy with the central stellar objects.One million or so of them.

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