Back to Antarctica

We are told, almost on a daily basis, that Antarctica is melting so fast, that the world’s ocean will rise one meter in 30 years or so.

It just so happens, that 1 meter rise over 360 million square kilometers means so much water in this next 1 billion seconds (32 years), that 20 liters of water per second is required from every meter of Antarctica’s coast. Provided that this coast is 17 thousand kilometers long and that it flows all year around.

On average, of course.

Check these numbers for yourself. You will no longer believe it.


2 thoughts on “Back to Antarctica

    • I’ve concluded that it’s almost impossible to reach a wide agreement about anything. There are only two ways. One is politics. Using a political ideology as leverage, you can get a lot of people on board for anything you want to.

      The other (the honest way) should be the basic arithmetic. If somebody has just received a Nobel prize and you show a fundamental arithmetic error in his work – he will march back and return his prize to that king, monarch or whatever official it is.

      At least in theory, that should work. If the basic math does not agree with something – case dismissed!

      But guess what? A week ago I exercised this same argument in real life. with some very highly qualified people. They understood the math!

      Still, the most qualified of them all, already sent me an email with a lot of links to some standard CCCs (Climate Change Crap). He ignored the arithmetic, of course!

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