Polar Bears on Antarctica

I am quite surprised no one has tried it. Capturing and caging something like 20 to 40 polar bears from the Arctic and sending them south on a ship, wouldn’t be that difficult.

Releasing them in springtime would give them two summers in a row and they should be able to adapt.

Penguins would suffer and all the south seals as well. But after the initial population explosion, the invasive species would stabilize (more or less) in a few years. Perhaps, for the sake of a balance, a lot of penguins can be transported in the opposite direction, to try to populate the north with them.

Some arctic birds do travel between the poles on a regular bases. So they would recognize bears, easily and wave to them from afar. Also orcas and some other whales are those kind of travelers. But bears, walruses and penguins can’t walk that far. We should give them a helping hand, don’t you think?


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