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Signaling to Aliens

How hard could it be?

I very much love an old idea of dumping plutonium, tons of it every year in our beloved Sun. Nothing bad will happen because of that, only the light of our dear life giving star would be marked this way by some absorption lines.

So, every advanced alien who noticed this strange occurrence would be forced to conclude, that something odd is going on. Plutonium cannot arise in a star by some natural process. It must come from a planet. How and why?

The most sober conclusion for an alien would be – someone intelligent is signaling he is there!

Actually, astronomers have searched for “unnatural” absorption lines in many stars’ light around us, long ago. Nothing has been found. Aliens don’t dump plutonium on their stars.


4 thoughts on “Signaling to Aliens

  1. alpha007org says:

    Question: Why would aliens dumping ton of precious fuel?

    If some civilization is actually doing it, they can’t be very smart…

    • To signal their presence. A small price to pay, if you really want to do it, loud and clear.

      But they don’t.

      Besides, soon after Dyson invented/speculated his sphere, a shell around a star, astronomers have scanned for large IR sources of this kind and found nothing.

      Anyone who is capable to mark his star with plutonium (like we are in principle), will be capable of much more, soon. Except if a disaster strikes.

  2. alpha007org says:

    >To signal their presence.

    Yeah but why would any civilization – exept in Star Trek universe – actually want to do that? I don’t understand what possible reason would they have.

    I just don’t get it.

    • The same reason as it was behind the famous Arecibo signaling and behind the Pioneers plates.

      You can do the same thing with painting the Sun with plutonium, only much more loudly. Everybody around will be able to hear this message “someone is here” for a long time.

      But WHY doing signaling in the first place, I don’t know. I wouldn’t. Some, like NASA from 1980, would. What about NASA now? I doubt it. The reserves of plutonium are very depleted now. No production is going on anymore.

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