A Short Debate

Him: Let me tell you, what you don’t understand. While various AIs are possible and often very useful in everyday life, the so called general AI isn’t possible. It’s something completely different and very likely impossible.

Me: It is you, who don’t understand. It’s only the question of the domain. The chess domain is only one of them.

Him: Chess is a stupid and easy game.

Me: Brave words for someone, who lend me a book 30 years ago, where the fundamental premise was that a computer will never be as good at chess as some humans are. But never  mind that. Chess is a hard domain and our real world is even a harder domain. But only for a degree, or for a few degrees. AGI is just another narrow AI with this world as its playing domain.


2 thoughts on “A Short Debate

  1. Saladin says:


    Just stopping by to leave a note:
    A great game is out called SOMA that uses themes you already know well and support.
    Might be worth checking out and write about, although there’s nothing there that wasn’t discussed in detail before.

    Best regards

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