Small GW Debate

Him: Did I hear you correctly, Thomas? Are you saying, that there are no greenhouse gases at all?

Me: Yes.

Him: Do you know that water is the prime greenhouse gas?

Me: It is not.

Him: It is. It’s only you, who says otherwise.

Me: Give me a minute, do not interject except for short answers to my questions and you’ll agree with me.

Him: Sure, go ahead.

Me: The standard narrative goes that cloudy mornings are warmer than clear sky mornings. Correct?

Him: Sure, that’s exactly what I, as well as every other sane person, are saying.

Me: You see, a cloud isn’t water vapor. It’s either liquid or solid. True?

Him: Yes. But …

Me: Silence please, you have agreed not to interject!

Him: Okay.

Me: Well, it’s a small portion of liquid water or ice, a cloud technically speaking, which obscures our view. And IR photons, as well. Hence the “warming” effect in the cloudy morning.

Him: What about water molecules in the air, which are in the gas phase?

Me: You have very many of them on an average clear morning. In total, much more than in a relatively thin cloud; yet a thin cloud prevents frost sometimes, but a much larger quantity of water dissolved in 10 kilometers of air, does not.

Me: For example, there is a lot of water in the air over Sahara. Dissolved water. It doesn’t prevent cold mornings. Clouds, on the other hand, do.

Him: Fine, you are just nitpicking. It’s not a greenhouse gas, it’s a greenhouse liquid or solid. It’s the same!

Me: The next one, carbon dioxide, is only in the form of gas in our atmosphere. Never solid, even less liquid.

Him: It seems that water is a greenhouse gas after all!

Me: Greenhouse perhaps, but only when it’s not in the gas state.

Him: It might be that water is a greenhouse liquid/solid, but carbon dioxide might be a greenhouse gas non the less.

Me: It isn’t.

Him: How do you know?

Me: I know at least something obvious. That water isn’t a greenhouse gas, but a greenhouse liquid/solid maybe. You people failed to spot the obvious fact about that. So I treat you all as a … well – less intelligent crowd.

Him (thinks): I hate you.

Him: Let talk about something else.


4 thoughts on “Small GW Debate

  1. msjr says:

    Obvious things are obvious, this quote explains a lot:

    Well, it’s a small portion of liquid water or ice, a cloud technically speaking, which obscures our view. And IR photons, as well. Hence the “warming” effect in the cloudy morning.

    • This is crucial to understand. Water droplets and ice crystals are able to reflect light. The gas state of water is invisible/transparent in our atmosphere and do not make clear sky mornings warmer.

      The so called “standard narrative” claims, that every clear sky is a sign of a dry atmosphere. It isn’t.

  2. msjr says:

    One more thing about this, if a “limit temperature” (I don’t know the proper term) for a certain place on earth is for example 18°C:

    – cloudy weather above this temperature will cause lower temperatures because of “dimming” effect
    – cloudy weather below this temperature will cause “warming” effect

    • It may be very much so. Some additional complications might be involved, but this sounds quite right to me.

      By “complications” I mean for example heat transfers with winds, which can have some influence.

      But yes … clouds with their “dimming” and “warming” are probably quite a significant temperature regulator.

      The whole story behind the weather and climate is probably a very interesting one. Too bad that institutions like NASA are so CCC. Climate Change Crazy. Green activism instead of science.

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