Expect More!

A week ago, an asteroid came too close to be comfortable with NASA and every other agency managing our Solar system and beyond.

The Halloween asteroid was a previously unknown large rock less than 40 Earth diameters away. Roughly speaking, one among 40 of such collides with our planet. And nobody had a clue it existed! Quite bad. We are talking about Chelyabinsk times 10000 at least in this case if a collision had happened.

How come, we are not aware of every single rock larger than 10 meters across, buzzing around? Is that too much to ask?

Another agency “WHO” has warned us recently, that we should avoid eating red meat. They failed to present us all the contrafactuals. How many more (or less) would die among those billion of new vegetarians?

And they have informed us recently, that Antarctica’s ice is growing. I would say they should have known this long ago (as I have) and not only now when they have “measured it”. How hard can it be to measure something like that? Apparently it’s difficult for those agencies, thus they are not very good.

Pan Am had a marketing slogan –  Expect More From Pan Am! And went out of business soon after. Perhaps we should not expect very much from those mega agencies.

Privatize them, privatize them all!


2 thoughts on “Expect More!

  1. msjr says:

    In times we live in, privatizing is not the solution. Think of some hedge fund, cutting costs, optimizing work, not a good time for thinkers or spenders [for good reason like meteorite warning system]…. You would get the Discovery/History channel effect – producing even more bs [“scientific” results] for the masses – if I stay with TV, we need more BBC (at its best) style agencies, with leadership who can say no to the political and other pressures – kind of a new deal for science.

    • Private companies like Discovery Channel do produce a lot of bs, I certainly agree. Yet, some of it is imported directly from NASA and other such institutions. If we privatize them, we will de-monopolize NASAs and some saner organizations could grow. Some more effective in asteroid hunting then NASA, perhaps.

      Decades ago, NASA was magnificent. It was a state, even military organization – and it was just magnificent. The Moon was not too far for them.

      Now, it’s still some healthy parts of NASA here and there, but it’s nothing like it’s used to be. Others, like WHO are useless from the begging.

      What went wrong? I don’t know. But it went.

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