My Bedroom View

Now, I see the entire lake Bled from my bedroom window. About a few kilometers away, few hundred meters bellow.

I am calculating just when I’ll see the Sun’s and the Moon’s water reflection and for how long those will be visible each time. It’s a complicated calculation due to the hills on the other side of the lake, casting shadow on the water. Not always, but frequently. Especially now, when it’s winter, a lot of reflections should be visible.

Currently I estimate 20 such “eclipses” per year.




6 thoughts on “My Bedroom View

  1. msjr says:

    So the question is, can we calculate from text where is Thomas living now.

    First I would say on the east side of Kupljenik, but there is a problem since T is talking about reflections and the village is south of the lake. So, the position must be or on the other side, on the hills above Sp. Gorje. There are few positions above Zatrnik and on the Karavanke mountains, but I doubt that there is T’s bedroom.

    Nevertheless, Thomas, you are being tracked!

    • Your deducing powers are strong.

      It is me who neglected some circumstances. The Moon is out of this equation probably. For there are to many artificial lights around the lake at night, when the Moon in the lake would be an awesome bright ellipse. Except if the electricity went out exactly on time, for me to take a picture.

      You would know immediately, that it was I who sabotaged the power grid for exactly that moment, for that picture. I will not do it.

      OTOH … sometimes you can see it from the Moon. The Sun’s reflection in the middle of the Earth’s ocean. Better than this:

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