Cold Venus

Venus Express has just measured some very low temperatures on Venus. -157 degrees.

Nowhere on Earth is that cold. I wonder how the “run-away-greenhouse theory” is going to explain this “unexpected result”. I thought “the science is settled”.


11 thoughts on “Cold Venus

  1. msjr says:

    Article is a bit confusing, it doesn’t say where on which altitude this temperature was measured. I doubt that is temperature on the ground – which would be much bigger difference between expected and measured value than 70º. Based on the image from 2007 article (see below) measurements were made at the altitude of ~100km.

  2. ESA reports about this latest observations, during the probe’s 2016 aerobraking maneuver. It was 70 degrees colder outside, than they have anticipated.

    Venus Express went down, eventually crashed or was vaporized, they don’t give us no details.

    I wonder, if a bit of this hardware ended in a pile of dry ice. near the Venus pole.

  3. guest says:

    Speaking of, could you write a few summary posts on global warming, sorry i mean climate change, a continuation of your epic legendary mega thread…

    I mean it’s getting ridiculous, people are now blaming seasonal changes or droughts in deserts on humans, we even have climate refugees! Leafs falling of trees? OMG climate doom! The apocalypse? That’s crazy bible talk, but climate doom, pure cold logic (no pun intended).

    • Someone said, that our upper-class is crazy. Well, kings, conquerors and liberators were often nuts. Nothing out of the ordinary.

      It’s actually much worse. The science-establishment is stupid. Not crazy or evil, but stupid.

      Take this core question “The Faint Sun Paradox” on Wikipedia. They are unaware of the fact, that in the past our planet rotated faster and was therefore warmer. Even if the Sun was fainter, at least some warmth was achieved with the planet’s faster rotation rate. They just don’t see that.

      It’s quite a basic physics, they don’t understand. Including Krauss and Deutch, as I saw recently.

      From this deep rooted mistake they hold so dearly, all the Global Warming mythology sprung. They had to invent “greenhouse gasses” and other dogmas to somehow explain or neutralize the basic mistake they made. The flaw they are even unaware of. Even if it is an elementary one.

      Now, stupid “science community” merged with the crazy upper class and with the ignorant masses into a big church of Climate Change.

      I can’t decide if this is more fun/grotesque or more scary.

      • guest says:

        Oh it’s rather scary, because they actually consider themselves enlightened, they really do believe they are above it all, that they shed partisanship, ideology or mere subjectivity like the Homo sapiens shed it’s tail. As far they are concerned, modern science affirms all of their basic premises, hence there is no reason to even tolerate our hateful, dangerous, outdated and heretical assertions. They have no line, unlike my Catholic family members who know not to bring up the bible when we have a barbecue, and they don’t, not even Sundays, on the lords day! Their Catholicism doesn’t bleed into all aspects of their lives and work, no Christian rocket scientist (and they were all Christian) was ever scared that the Saturn five would pierce the sky and kill god or anything like that, and nobody believes the four horsemen of the apocalypse will ride into town anytime soon, while climate doom on the other hand is certain, it’s just a matter of time before fish will flop in the streets of New York City and Miami, we better all learn how to scuba dive!

        Progressives meanwhile have no line, no such reservations, they are better after all, more evolved and further along, or progressive… you don’t need no stinking line when you are objective and rational! Which always makes me chuckle, when someone self identifies as progressive, that’s like identifying yourself as a world champion, only more silly!

        It’s also funny that biblical flood events are, unlike global warming, based at least somewhat in reality, something major did happen near the end of the last ice age 12,800 years ago, got any theories on what went down?


        It’s what geological explorer and renegade scholar Randall Carlson talks about here, about this mythical cataclysmic disaster:

        They also go into climate history, oxygen isotopes in Greenland ice cores and such, i feel like that’s a chat you will enjoy immensely, a must see!

  4. Progressives are as crazy as it gets. Since they have The Science on their side they can’t be wrong. So they can afford to be even more arrogant.

    Unfortunately, this Universe isn’t that merciful to us. Not even to the Progs. You can be Einstein himself, but you can still be wrong about a part of physics.

    The scientific Cathedral however, behaves like they are “The Enlightened Elite Which Was Expected So Long”. Yeah, sure. They don’t even see how bad they are at basic arithmetic. They can’t even compute properly.

    Remember the 6 meters of water which had to arrive from the Antarctica in 100 years? That that would required several Amazon rivers there … they are unaware of this. Their arithmetic units sustained some collective damage. They are arithmetically impaired. Small and big number challenged.

    It doesn’t stop here. Kiribati somehow attracts all the water from melted glaciers and drowns itself. It’s not even basic arithmetic, its kindergarten physics they don’t understand.

    The Helicobacter Pylori case was not an exception, but almost the rule. The Cathedral somehow prefers to be wrong, again and again. Not for the sake of wrongness, I trust, but they are just stupider than they ought to be.

    Some people have a much more sinister theory of why that is. They invoke that Chinese guy Zhao Gao who brought a deer to the Emperor, claiming it’s a horse. Zhao Gao used the whole charade he produced, to see who will side with him. To kill those who didn’t – including the Emperor himself. He recruited his helpers from those who said “it’s a horse!”

    So, if the Cathedral says that the past April was the hottest in 150 years or something like that, it’s a Zhao Gao’s maneuver. Be careful with whom you are going to side!

    I am not that paranoid, yet. I think they are just stupid, arrogant and they flock in millions.

  5. guest says:

    The Greenhouse Gases thing and the Faint Sun Paradox warrant dedicated posts!

    Such posts would also drive some traffic to your overlooked site…

    • Then, I was also quite active in some real life debates. This one might be interesting, but I doubt it deserves an article, so I’ll tell it here:

      There were three of us in my car. I was driving, J. was sitting on the “shotgun seat” and my son was seating at the back.

      J: How is this car?

      Me: Superb, but we somehow lost the radio code and we had already been guessing it for two weeks.

      Me: Tell me some nice four digit number, please.

      J: 8357.

      Me: No, all the digits have to be between 1 and 5.

      J: No zero?

      Me: No zero.

      J: 1324.

      Me (typing and driving): … shit, I made a mistake! Wait a minute, the radio is now on!

      J: See? My suggestion plus your mistake – worked! The reality has spoken!

      Me: It was just a coincidence. 1 in 625.

      J: No, it was not, it was something more. As I said, the reality is always right!

      My son to me: Would you rather be without the radio?

      Me: Yes!

  6. I was reading a book, Farewell to Alms by Gregory Clarke. One point of many he makes, impressed me deeply. The downward social mobility in England from let say 1200 A.D. to 1800 A.D. The King of England had more survived sons than the one who was to be the next king. Some princes had no other choice than to become humble earls and dukes. But those earls also had too many sons to inherit the castles and lands, so they spent their lives as merchants, bishops and such. All the way down the social ladder to simple peasants who were bellow the reproduction rate.

    Independently I have learned, that by the same mechanism (northern) Italians remained basically Romans. Genetic admixture by slaves and barbarians somehow mostly vanished.

    I guess this kind of eugenics worked everywhere in Europe for at least several thousand years.

    Should I write an article about it here? I guess not, others are better at this topic.

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