A Puzzle

You can infer from the street traffic alone, that this cannot be London, since everybody is driving on the right.

You can also conclude that it cannot be Paris, since everybody is driving on the left side of the road.

Parking near a road, here in continental Europe, I was observing the traffic in the rear view mirror, so it appeared as if everyone were driving on the left side of the road.

So I decided to drive for a bit, to see if this impression would persist. It should and also it shouldn’t.

It should, because what has changed if I am also driving instead of just standing there?

But it would imply that I would perceive the car behind me as driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. The same way as myself.

Do you see the traffic in the rear view mirror flipped or not? And why and how?


7 thoughts on “A Puzzle

  1. guest says:

    It can only be Italy, they drive like Schrödinger’s cat there.

    You never know if you are dead or alive until you cross back into New Gorica…

    Off topic, remember the one about a cable around earth for the purpose of generating power, something like that, is that a thing or something you thought of? Can you point me in a direction, thanks!

    Oh, and any thoughts on Trump?

    We’re truly first lady! What are the chances?
    (that was rhetorical don’t actually tell me)

    • > It can only be Italy, they drive like Schrödinger’s cat there.

      Oh, no, it wasn’t Italy. It’s psychology. Some of us have problems with this left-right side orientation. Chemist Dalton was the first who observed problems related to color distinction, which was later named Daltonism. First, he saw that his brother was kind of color-blind. Then he saw that he was also color-blind. Today, we understand this condition quite well.

      If I were some kind of a researcher in the field of psychology I would go for this. I would devise a battery of tests, how left-right orientation blind are you. I am a little space disoriented. Allegedly every synesthet (I am one of them) has some difficulties leaving a building for the first time. He expects to make the same kind of left-right turns as he remembers when entering this building. Instead of just reverse it automatically. I observed that with myself for hundred of times.

      I would test that especially when mirrors are involved and also with Malagasy speaking people with their absolute orientation in space.

      But I don’t care that much about this. Just mentioning it. Even though it is something more here than just bad right-left space orientation. It’s something like the giant rising Moon illusion. Still, I don’t care THAT much. Previously observed or not.

      > remember the one about a cable around earth for the purpose of generating power

      One day I might write a whole post about it.

      > and any thoughts on Trump?

      I admire the man. I thought he could win and he did. What more can I say about the whole phenomenon that hasn’t already been said? Some say, it’s the second time when polls were wrong, first at Brexit. This is NOT true. At least they were wrong tens of times between Brexit and Trump’s victory. For every republican primaries they were equally wrong. And those pollsters haven’t learned a thing! And those prediction markets “were wrong for the second time”. I suspect prediction markets are a bad idea. The wisdom of crowds is a coincidence at best. Galton’s ox was just a coincidence of many educated guesses. You don’t visit a county fair in 1900 if you don’t have some cows to care about them. I mean, prediction markets suck, just as pollsters suck.

      That “don’t eat at McDonald, it’s unhealthy” also sux, we officially learned not that long ago. “Fats are good, sugars are bad” is a new “scientific consensus”.

      I have always suspected that 10% of the science may be wrong. Now I suspect, it can be much more than that. In some “soft sciences” perhaps more than 50%. We are watching the so called Progressive Cathedral meltdown, if you ask me. Those “atheistic priests” of media, academia, NGOs etc. are loosing power as well as mind. They project their own melting onto Antarctica. But Antarctica is cool, they are not.

      Donald Trump is a harbinger. Harbinger++ possibly.

  2. guest says:

    Any comments on your former stomping grounds, where every Trump supporter is called a retard, or worse? Even more surprising is how Melania is dragged through the mud, i just don’t get it.

    If i had anything to say, I’d go full CARPE DIEM, and charter a direct line between LJ and NYC, along with a huuuge marketing campaign, i would make it my personal crusade that every American shall find Slovenia on the map at the end of Trumps first term!

    Another great post would be about the alternative flight theory, by the guy who i believe works at Pipistrel now, i have yet to find anything in English on that.

    • > Any comments on your former stomping grounds, where every Trump supporter is called a retard, or worse?

      No. Or maybe. The so called Progressive Cathedral reigns supreme there. Not unopposed, though.

      Speaking about Melania. She is probably the most important Slovenian now. I wouldn’t count much on her as a Slovenian national. She is an American now and I respect that fully. What can I say, Trump likes Slavic women, apparently.

      > about the alternative flight theory

      I’ll check it, one day. Thanks for a hint!

  3. guest says:

    No wait, i did find one Englishman talking about it!

    Dr. Holger Babinsky in his howwingswork.pdf

    “The popular explanation of lift is common, quick, sounds logical and gives
    the correct answer, yet also introduces misconceptions, uses a nonsensical
    physical argument and misleadingly invokes Bernoulli’s equation. A simple
    analysis of pressure gradients and the curvature of streamlines is presented
    here to give a more correct explanation of lift.”

    He also has a poorly filmed lecture on YouTube.

    Nevertheless, it would make for a fine blog post.

    • I think Feynman has to be right here. There are two other topics where I disagree with Feynman. So it’s not that I bowe to his authority in this case, I really think that.

      What’s my agreement worth? Not very much, I am afraid. I could easily be wrong. It would require a deeper look. Perhaps so deep, that I am not able to see that deeply.

      On the other hand, all these open problems in physics are a nice testing field for future AIs.

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