One Hour Into the Hike

In case you didn’t know, Albin Belar was also the initiator of the Triglav National Park, on the edge of which our hike took place last Sunday.  After one hour or so, we met this guy with his wife also hiking around there. This was our conversation.

Him: How is your new book?

Guy: Which one, there are a lot of them?

Him: The one about this very area.

Guy: I have discovered an old mine nearby, it’s 400 years old.

Me: An iron mine?

Guy: Of course. On the top of that mountain.

Me: Recently I heard on the radio, that there are plenty of those mines in Karavanke mountains [10 km to the north-east] but that there are only a few of them in the Julian Alps [15 km to the west]. He said that they used to collect iron ore in Bohinj, as if it was chestnuts.

Guy: Who said that? It’s not true!

Me: I don’t know who he was. He wrote a book about miners in Karavanke and Bohinj,  and I only caught that on the radio. I’m just quoting, I have no strong opinion on the matter.

Guy: Untrue. Bohinj was often conquered by different armies in the past, because of its advanced iron production.

Him: You have explored  a lot all over the Julian Alps, haven’t you?

Guy: Of course, I have also found megalithic structures high in the mountains.

Him: Where? What did you find?

Guy: Stone circles; the so called snake heads, which are particular stones to protect somebody’s house or animals; a lot of iron weapons and even some graves, which are probably Celtic.

Me: How do you know, they are Celtic? Did you run some DNA tests?

Guy: There isn’t any DNA preserved there.

Me: Must be. If they’ve discovered dinosaurian DNA, there should be a lot of Celtic DNA there also.

Guy: And I also found Roman refugia … [200 meters from where I live]

Me: What’s refugia?

Guy: Where some refugees were.

Me: I understand that, but which refugees?

Guy: Roman refugees, of course.

Me: When the Roman empire died, Romans escaped there?

Guy: Of course.

Guy: There is a story …

Me, thinking: This guy is full of shit! And I don’t see any point in archeological research without DNA analyzing tools anymore.

Guy: … the story says, every man in conquered Bohinj in the year 300 A.D. was about to be killed by these invaders. Every woman and child could freely go, taking one possession with them. So every woman took her husband and they went across the mountain to establish Cadr.

Me, thinking: Sure …

Then this guy and his wife left us, fortunately.

Me: Who was this?

Him: He is …

Me: Yea … I saw him often on TV, but he was much younger then.

Him: Fascinating guy, don’t you think so?

Me: No. A blue pill dealer.

Him: What?

Me: Never mind!



6 thoughts on “One Hour Into the Hike

  1. guest says:

    You need to do a podcast or something, so you don’t talk those poor peoples ears off! And I’m ashamed to admit i never even heard of Albin Belar, but I’m gonna go read “Albin Belar – Pozabljen slovenski naravoslovec” first thing Monday morning! Forgotten indeed, but i do know that grumpy Prešeren was throwing dry figs at kids or something, the details escape me.

    I also got two more post suggestions, or requests rather, in addition to the earth power cable thing, one on the cataclysmic event 10k BC which raised the sea level was at least 100m, what’s your theory on it? You know, Göbekli Tepe and all that, do you believe several advanced civilizations vanished in this flood?

    The other is on the general nuclear scare, do you generally agree with writings on the Glasstone blog:

    “A blog is all about contradicting the widespread superstition that nuclear wars are unsurvivable and debunking hardened dogma of exaggerated nuclear effects.”

    The blog is maintained by Nigel Cook, the one who published Quantum Gravity and the Standard Model! And a few string theory jokes:

    It seems like MAD, and all the end the world stuff is all propaganda, nuclear weapons are really nothing but big starting pistols for World War 3! I very much doubt casualties would even reach WW2 50 mil levels after a nuclear exchange.

    Hell, according to this blog post, it would take 1,241,166 heavy duty Tsar nukes to completely wipe out civilization!

    Even duck and cover makes prefect sense, yet we make fun of it.

    • First of all, I have to make several sub-answers to all of this.

      #1 The Nuclear War

      #2 10000 BC

      #3 String Theory

      Those will be among my future posts, but I can’t say when exactly. I’ll try to do them before the current year is over.

      #4 earth power cable

      Soon after.

  2. msjr says:

    Meanwhile on collecting the iron ore in Bohinj, as if it was chestnuts, Pokljuka swamps are full of bog iron, all postglacal plains and valleys nearby are full of it. One can even say – if there is a swamp – there is an big chance of finding iron ore there.

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