Is that possible ?!

That everything, literally everything I say, is just status signaling? This goes not only for me, but also for everybody else?

I certainly believe that there were several astronauts on the Moon. I don’t want to be a moonhoaxer, which is a low status designation or label; so I rather believe, that there were Apollo astronauts on the Moon. I even remember those Moon landing times, so it is even a bit more difficult for me to become a moonhoaxer.

Isn’t there a point, where you can no longer lie to yourself, even if doing so meant a higher status? Perhaps, lying to yourself is a huge status killer.

Which is it then? That I think, that I know that the Eagle has landed, therefore moonhoaxers are of a low status?

Or, that I think moonhoaxers are low status people and I am afraid to investigate the NASA Apollo program very deeply?

They are indistinguishable, those two. I think, therefore I signal it. I might lie, if surrounded  with some armed and dangerous moonhoaxers; but only until I manage to escape them. I would know all the while, that Armstrong was indeed on the Moon.

It is expensive to think long and hard about everything, so humans are willing to outsource this decision making process – what to believe and what not to believe – to others of high status.

There are plenty of these status towers. Magnus Carlsen is on the top of the chess tower. No he isn’t! Some chess engine ought to be. Magnus is only the highest positioned human there.

Well, is this all just an empty tautology, those different, very subjective status towers on my mental landscape? Or is it a really useful tool to predict what is going on?

It is a very useful tool. I know I can sway your political preferences (or any kind of belief) only when it will make you better positioned on your own mental status tower. I can teach you how to square root swiftly in your head. In case it’s a new skill for you and you find it useful, your self-perceived status will increase a bit. You can see a payoff in a net status gain. But if I want to persuade you that infinity has no place in mathematics, it will be much more difficult. What can you possibly gain, if you cross to this small and obscure finitist cult? Not much, but you have a lot to lose in terms of status. Except, if you are a top mathematician, you really understand what I am talking about, and that there is really no obvious mistake in my line of reasoning.

Only then are you willing to become one of us.

You can persuade of/teach somebody something only if that increases his status in his own eyes.







8 thoughts on “Is that possible ?!

    • There are some so called conspiracy theories out there, I find at least plausible. The Progressive Cathedral in the sense of Moldbug, exists. It’s not exactly a conspiracy, it’s rather a collective madness, but it’s still powerful and real. A Christianity sect devoid of God, angels, saints, Christ and Mary. The current year Pope bows to the Cathedral. I believe he’s an entrist into the Catholic Church.

      I am also a proud birther, who doesn’t buy that everything is right with the Obama’s birth certificate. But this XII US Constitution article doesn’t seem to apply anymore. Ted Cruz was born in Canada they say, how he could even think to run for the president? They don’t care, why should I?

      On the other hand, I don’t think that 9/11 was an inside job. Not at all. I am not afraid of vaccinations. Let alone of “chemtrails”. Most “conspiracy theories” are just unreal.

      There is one conspiracy I don’t buy either and which is of a very high status. Multiple World Interpretation of the quantum mechanics. It’s just silly. We had a debate, years ago. One of those MWI prophets announced that the MWI will be thought in most schools in a few decades. I asked him, in which Everett branch that would be? In the prevailing, he said. This “prevailing branch” was his invention, of course. Silly indeed. And that for a number of reasons.

      It is not, that the MWI is too outlandish or too bold. It’s simply inconsistent, I am sorry. It’s a madness of the Cathedral, very much like the Global Warming. One has to adhere to both, if he want a higher Cathedral position. And therefore they do it.

      Status trading, as I said. “I’ll believe this or that crap if and only if, it’s good for my status!”

      It’s a dangerous exploit of the human mind!

  1. I think people are too stupid to invent and maintain a good conspiracy. But something which looks like a conspiracy may still pop up occasionally. Due to the said algorithm. If I believe something weird, then if I tell it to the next guy, who finds it status uplifting … there might be a chain reaction. If conditions are right, we end up with something which looks like a grand conspiracy. Like Global Warming worldwide panic. There are some aspects of GW hysteria which do look like a conspiracy. For example, the fact that the so called scientific community has nothing to say about the Earth’s rotation rate in the past and its influence on the global temperature. It’s very elementary, that a faster rotation means higher temperature, but they keep ignoring it.

    Why they keep ignoring that? Every rednex knows, that a faster rotating hog will be baked faster than a slower rotating one. Yes, every rednex knows it, but every partial differential equations fluent physics department team with a lot of computers on their disposal – doesn’t. (I am a redneck myself, only thousands of miles to the East).

    It’s not exactly the answer to your question. I’ll answer it more later.

  2. alpha007org says:

    Many Worlds Interpretation is a stretch, I agree.

    I found this theory which is a lot more appealing to me:

    Pilot Wave Theory and Quantum Realism

    What do you think?

    • https://arxiv.org/pdf/1412.6213v2.pdf

      This is what I currently prefer. Not THAT different of your link, which doesn’t like MWI (or Copenhagen) either.

      It looks like that the wave function is real after all and it was published in Nature.

      But I don’t know. Quantum theory without gravity isn’t enough, anyway. What’s the truth about the matter – I’ll wait for superintelligence to solve the physics.

  3. alpha007org says:

    Well to be honest, I never liked “Copenhagen’s” and the only alternative MWI theory.

    So I was kinda stuck – no theory would explain my concerns * because with “copenhagenns'” there is/was/were a lot of fundamental unanswered questions bit like theoretical MWI which is in my opijnion just modern version of philosophers’ dilemma (in physical). (=no data, no proof, no experimental data, just logic) stretched in every way possible,

    Well I am not nuclear physicists, I am not working with CERN or any “institution”.

    While I cannot disagree with their findings I have some strange feeling in my gut, that there is something wrong with today’s interpretations of psychics .

    “The Cathedral” is maybe on the right side, but I can’t shake that feeling that there is something wrong with it. Not because I was Star Trek fan and I want WARP drivers (and so on…), but there is something wrong with particle table. My gut tells me this, so it is not a reliable source of information.

    So every alternative theory I discover, read and is consistent, is a good sign for me.e

    • I have issues with several areas of physics. But I find this fact quite natural. Because a physical theory is selected for kind of plausibility primarily, not so much for accuracy We have some experiments and then we negotiate the rationales behind these experiments. It’s a messy business. Lorentz tries, Poincare tries, Einstein tries with some awareness of Lorentz’s work … then Planck comes to Zurich to knight Einstein for his tries. Then Swartzschild comes to Einstein with his story about black holes and Einstein doesn’t like that …

      A book of at least 1000 pages would be needed to illustrate the whole history of contemporary physics. A complicated status game between several hundred clever apes during a few millenia. The final result may be the correct one, but we are not there yet.

      Woody Allen allegedly can’t sleep while there is one hungry child out there. I can’t sleep while there is the unexplained Ehrenfest’s paradox lurking above.

      Yes, well, Woody sleeps and I sleep as well. Ehrenfest bothers me but it is only “Please, go back to the drawing board Einsteinists and properly resolve Ehrenfest!”.

      If they will keep pretending that all is well, Physics will be dissolved as Go or Chess has already been dissolved by machines. Who cares anymore, what Boris Spasky has to say about a certain chess position. What Rybka or some other engine has to say, that’s only matters.

      The same will go for Physics’ problems.

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