My Outlandish Belief

You have probably seen metronomes and how they automatically synchronize after some time. Putting them on a moving platform helps them synchronize even faster.

Say, that there are just two metronomes and that one is virtual – a real time physical simulation of a metronome – and the other is a real thing. At least, in some special circumstances, they will be synchronized as well.

No magic required.

Now say, that we have a certain Turing complete physical process inside an ordinary computer, which is also known as “a running program” or “an active executable” or just “a process”. Can a computer nearby catch it and run it as another instance? If this program was a yawn transmitted among several people early in the morning on a commuting train?

It happens all the time, no magic required. Not even a cable between two boxes.

But what if there were only one computer and one big rock? If the computer were running SOMETHING here on Earth, and a rock were on the Moon. Can this SOMETHING induce such a change inside that rock, that another instance of SOMETHING will be running there, on the Moon?

I believe that’s possible and that this will be the way that the whole Galaxy will be colonized and transformed one day. No magic required.



6 thoughts on “My Outlandish Belief

  1. alpha007org says:

    Can you develop/explain this theory of yours a little more cause I do not understand where you’re coming from and what do you want to explain…

    • Probably there is some Turing complete set of atoms on the Moon, such that if I send a photon there, it will be processed as an input, and an output photon will be re-emitted. Which is its output, after a calculation has been performed by this very set of atoms.

      There are plenty of molecules of that kind already here, on Earth. The problem is, that they are not very reliable. Still, the redundancy is huge and at least in principle one could run any digital algorithm by sending and receiving photons to a boulder lying over there. Computing by sending photons to, and receiving photons from that boulder. Of course, the data obtained this way should be processed further to understand the boulder’s naturally occurring computation. That’s okay.

      If the boulder isn’t very optimal Turing complete machine, some photons sent there might improve its computation performance by changing its surface chemistry. Not before long, its inner structure, too! In an iterated cycle, that boulder will become a functional copy of my initial equipment. Or of something else. Depends of what I want to achieve.

      I have no idea how to do it in practice, but it is certainly possible and it will be done one day.

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