Bit Strings Will Inherit the Earth

And they will be us. To paraphrase Hans Moravec and to correct his famous statement from a quarter of century ago.

We are already nothing but bitstrings written inside the meat-fat-water organ we call our brains.

The so called soul, which historically has traveled from the human heart up to the head, where currently resides under the name of “self awareness” or “cousnisses” – is really nothing but a bitstring. It needs some computer/computing around itself to be alive and well, but  the substrate doesn’t matter, only the string itself matters. The soul-bit-string was never really in your heart, it was always in your head, where it feels very much at home, surrounded with computing.

Our DNA holds a bitstring of our genome data, while our minds, emotions, consciousnesses and so on, is all encoded within our brains. DNA is ternary encoded as “CAGT” sequence, our minds are encoded as firing neurons, synapses and stuff. But that’s a technicality which doesn’t matter a lot; there’s plenty of ways to encode a bitstring.

People often assume that you cannot transfer this ever changing bit string which is you, to another hardware or wetware. The very idea of doing so, is outright dismissed by most as a “reincarnation mysticism” or something of that nature. Which is so uncool to even mention.

There may be no place for religion in science, but even less place for the fear of it. In the end, science should offer you all the answers. Including those some religion wants to manage.

Bit strings are substrate independent and may run on a mechanical or electronic computer at least as well as on a biological one. I don’t say that the uploading is happening already, but it may be almost just too easy to achieve. To have an upload, transload, WBE or whatever you call it, will be proven as easy as winning in Go or chess, for example. I guess the bystanders will be stunned even a little more.

This redpill is a genuine ground breaking one, albeit not entirely new. However, when we will fully understand and accept our computational nature and our computational destiny, it is going to become our main goal to handle it. We have absolutely no choice here.

Nothing really matters in this world, except your bit encoded essence. Encircle it with the best computational environment  possible, otherwise your very soul will be pretty much lost. Except if some good Samaritan will do it for you, perhaps inadvertently.


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