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Friday Thirteenth

Here it comes again. Many years ago I have learned, that if it’s the 13th day of the month, then it is a little bit more likely that it’s Friday, than any other day.

The Gregorian calendar is a bit biased here, there is nothing you can do about it.

Later I wondered if some datamining  algorithm will uncover this oddity. It should have.

It did. But it also showed that there are some even more worrisome biases here. That for example, the 31st day is even more biased toward Wednesdays.

This dataminig story happened in some more innocent times, of course. Perhaps I’ll write more about this at some Wednesday the 31st.


3 thoughts on “Friday Thirteenth

  1. guest says:

    Just a reminder, your “to do” trifecta list:
    Nuclear War, Earth power cable, 10000 BC

    btw the nazis tried turning things back around to pre-flood levels in the Mediterranean with project Atlantropa, just imagine how much extra coastline we would get if that was done! What’s your take on this, is it a mere pipe dream, or is there something to it?

    A great documentary about it can be watched here:
    Atlantropa – the Dream of a New Continent

  2. msjr says:

    Dear guest – the Atlantropa was not a Nazi project, read your links. Next, the project was a typical first half of 20’s century “terraforming” project. Luckilly most of them were just a dream, but some of them were relalized, look at the remains of Aral lake for instance. Even the Soviets stopped the plans to build a gigantic dam on the Angara (and Yenisei) river to rediect them in central Asia in the 60s. There were just too many variables. Such large scale means also huge mistake if there is a miscalculation. And it’s much better that one is focused on better usage of existing resources.

    • Humans are hard to please. We have the Salton sea where it used to be a desert and we have a desert where it used to be the Azov sea. It was better before – is the standard opinion in both cases.

      The Mediterranean basin was (nearly) empty a few times in history. Should we empty it again?

      Perhaps we should. If only to flood it again by demolishing the Gibraltar dam. Something which happened naturally about 5 million years ago. A majestic supersonic waterfal needed some time to re-fill the Mediterran.

      If I was there, say 5.5 million years ago, with a large bulldozer and enough fuel, dynamite, spare parts, with a durable biological body, food … I would like to demolish this dam by myself. Even if it took me 1000 years, I would enjoy every moment. Especially the grand finale.

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