Recent 2 Problems

Were a part of the “scientific war”. Not so much a better known cultural war,  despite the fact one may see them as that, too!

Two corner stones for the Climate Change narrative are obviously shaky. Our planet was once warm, thanks to its faster rotation in the first place. And the locally rising sea is a bulshit as well.

These basic facts explains a lot!




5 thoughts on “Recent 2 Problems

  1. guest says:

    You should really dedicate a post to this rotation and axis thing, fully explain it in detail.

    It’s also time for another pop post, i nominate the space power cable around earth thing, whatever that was? I thought of it again when watching this Tidal turbine launch, any opinions on the viability of such endeavors? I want a yacht with that!

    • You know what’s weird about this Earth spinning? It looks like nobody knew this until recently. Despite the fact that it is very basic. People should have understood it long ago, or at least now.

      But it gets weirder. People who actually understand it, mostly don’t care.

      But then it gets much less weird. This is quite normal. One doesn’t want to be a contrarian, unless it is a (perceived) high status contrarianism. Comon! Everybody knows that this Climate Change Denialism is a low status thing. It is better to not understand some simple physics, than to be on the wrong side of history, when our planet is at stake!

      Humans are well equipped with those high status detecting/calculating/response circuits and therefore very slow at basic physics if need be.

      I still remember those tasks “You pour a bucket of water into the world sea. For how many layers of molecules does the world ocean get deeper?”.

      The “ancient knowledge”, that those water molecules will spread far and wide over the globe – isn’t forgotten. It’s just a bit suppressed in this race for environmentalistic sainthood.

      I hate to admit it, but this psychology is even more interesting than the physics!

    • This tidal turbine has almost 1 MW of power. The UK would need 100 000 of them to replace their current sources of electricity. If they want electric cars and heating and everything, then 1 million. The British isles would be clogged by the armada of those machines. One for every dozen yards of coast. Or in whatever units they choose to measure their beaches.

      Not that long ago, there was some green energy event in our parliament with a visiting German politician. Against all the odds I was also there! I asked the man: Have you ever considered that the watts per square meter is the most important aspect of how green some energy is? A nuclear power plant has the biggest yield of watts per square meter, and a coal plant isn’t far behind. We should treat our lands as the most valuable!

      Maybe I hit a nerve there. Mind your country and not some holy cows like “decarbonization” or whatever!

      It is more likely that the goddess Athena veil covered almost everybody’s ears. You know, when Odysseus came back to Ithaca nobody except his dog recognized him. Athena’s veil doesn’t work for stupid dogs. It works for smart people. If I recall it correctly, Odysseus’ son wasn’t covered by this veil either, thanks to Athena. His wife Penelope was covered. Until the moment, when her long absent husband managed to pull some archery trick only he was capable off.

      This old divine technology still works very well even today. Mazzini wrote about that in one of his more lucid moments. Maxim Gorky, gulag, some 10 years old boy telling him the truth about life there, then this veil fell and Maxim Gorky lost his hearing for several minutes, and then back in Moscow reports that everything is nice in gulags. Because he didn’t hear the small boy, of course. Mazzini didn’t mention Athena’s veil, he theorized some psychological mechanisms, but not too deeply.

      But both phenomena are indistinguishable. The Greek goddess Isis also uses this veil a lot. In the 6th century, if Anatole France is to be believed, the Christian God also used it on Paphnutius to help him not to see the naked Thais.

      If he had seen her, he would fallen down the status ladder. From a wannabe saint to a sinner. If Gorky had heard the boy, he would have fallen from a position of a great Soviet writer to a gulag inmate. Both men, Gorky and Paphnutius, fell later anyway, but what can you do.

      The thing is, Athena’s veil falls upon mortals every time when there is a danger for them, to slip off their current status position by seeing something awkward.

      Oh my God, Jordan Paterson made me his apprentice! Maybe a clumsy one, but still it’s an honor for me to be one.

  2. To GUEST:

    One must love the truth. But it is even more important, that the truth loves him, too. At least as much.

    The sad truth is, that the truth is hard to get and hard to keep mistress.

    Or shall I say, the truth is a bitch!

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