Another Tactics

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who find the humiliation of Paul Erdos by Marylin vos Savant as regrettable, and those who find it hilarious. I suppose I  would find it hilarious even if I was in his shoes.  Being in her shoes would be more than hilarious, of course.

Now, where can we strike again, to poke the pride of the “overwhelming majority of the scientific community” without letting them space to maneuver and weasel out? The previous post was a good example of such a strike, I guess, and this one shall be next.

As the general wisdom goes, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere builds up for a century and more. When it’s in the air, it stays there for a very long time. The coal burnt decades ago, hasn’t been removed from the air, they say. Therefore we have more and more particles per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Hadn’t been so, we wouldn’t have a problem.

I am sorry, but this “persistence of CO2 in the atmosphere”, however probable and hard to dispute it may sims, is just another hogwash.

The rainwater has about 300 particles per million of CO2. In a year, about a meter of precipitations means 1/10 of the atmospheric CO2 washed down. The photosynthesis does a lot less.

So, we see this corner dogma quite weak.

And it doesn’t feel that good to strike at the already wounded bunch as well. Still, better than nothing.




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