My Fellow Slovenians …

A Facebook group has been created. For now, it’s the Facebook, tomorrow might be WordPress or something else.

There, our native language is only used.





15 thoughts on “My Fellow Slovenians …

    • Act wisely and weasely my friend, or else you are going to be eaten by this mechanism!

      This particular affair isn’t so dangerous per se, but no pebble is dangerous, except in a landslide. Or just before a landslide. And that pebble isn’t necessarily the one which has started that landslide. On the north side of the Bohinj lake, there is a place you can hear those pebbles falling down from the mountain all the time. One of these days, in the next 10000 or so years, one of those pebbles will be the first one of a major landslide which is bound to cause a major tsunami in that lake, devastating everything in Bohinj. Locals are reluctant to believe this. As always.

      In the case of that Facebook incident, we are all locals.

  1. Xy says:

    In every AI we develop motives must be like this.

    1. Create heaven when you are intelligent enough
    2. Until 1. is possible try to solve the problem you are programmed for

    Maybee that must be the starting line of every program.

  2. guest says:

    Face Borg, oh that’s just great…
    Will you repost stuff from there here?

    Tho i don’t know, do transhumanists like big brother?

    • > Face Borg, oh that’s just great…

      We have just started to love these meat, cells, mitochondria and so on when we learned that all that is just for some signal processing we do. And that it would be even better if we go to some other, more Borginian substrate. Yeah, well, that’s life!

    • I think they are getting loads of that kind of messages. They don’t take them very seriously, mostly because they don’t think that they can do something dangerous. Most of them don’t think it’s even possible to do something like intelligence explosion, at all. Or at least not in a foreseeable future.

      Most are trying to solve a narrow problem like voice to text and they may be joking in the cafeteria, who got the scariest doom warning today.

      How on Earth a chatbot they build could become a godlike creature?! No chance, man! And most are right, their chatbots will remain pretty lame forever.

      One may as well go back in time, 200 hundred years and try to warn those chemists about some sulfides. With a no avail.

      There will be some state regulation over AI research in 10 years, I am sure. But that will be too late, anyway.

      Hope, that some right people know what they are doing!

    • The Singularity has begun back in 2014 with the sudden advance in machine learning, also known by the name of the convolutional neural networks. Or complicated neural networks, if you wish.

      This is a kind of a slow Singularity, nobody has expected, but there are good reasons we should interpret things just like that.

      One might say, why don’t you say, that the Singularity has begun back in 1940 with the first digital computers in Germany and soon after with some more powerful in Britain and America? Wouldn’t that be even a better way to see everything, even though the Singularity is even slower then?

      Yes, of course, but we have decided that the machine intelligence and not the overall advancements in technology and science is the “Singularity”. And so, the machine intelligence is what matters, all other stuff is just the orchestra playing when everybody cares just for the singer. Which is kind of silly, but that’s how it is.

      I think that if nothing else but the Convolutional Neural Networks is ever invented by humans, that is enough. CNNs will be improved by CNNs with a less and less human supervising.

      I doubt though, this is the scenario. It is a kind of lazy way, but it is not the most likely way. There will be some human inventions, which will bring us the swift Singularity even before this slow and lazy one is going to become swift by itself.

      Well, what is going to happen with humans then? I tend to agree with this guy, who thinks this problem has been solved before. When the small monkeys have “decided to go” relatively super-intelligent by acquiring a lot more brain mass in the frontal cortex, this brain mass should be and stay under control of the monkey. The monkey should always get what monkey needs and wants, even if the monkey is in the back of a human’s brains. More or less, that’s so. Despite the overwhelming intelligence in the prefrontal cortex, the monkey is just fine and quite in control.

      Now, monkey wishes to control not only some modest biological intelligence but also all the intelligent machines popping around as a result of this 10 million years old adventure, the monkey went on.

      I think we should help the monkey now.

  3. Xy says:

    Yeah singularity will probably occure, but what the outcome will be… i am not sure. Well the outcome will be what the goals of AI will be. And those goals as they are today, will bring us nothing in the long run. Yeah some problem will be solved, the last one may i say, and no one left to see the solution.

    So unless those monkey goals are encoded in just every software out there, soon there will be no monkey. No monkey no fun.

  4. Xy says:

    Yeah, but there is something else also. Is it possible that AI changes its primitive motives to something better and creates heaven for itself and many of her other instances?

    Why not, i mean motives can change in humans, why not in AI. So i am not shure that superintelligence can not change its motives, as some are saying to us. If motives can change, then we are destined for success, becouse the best motive will be choosen in the end.

  5. Xy says:

    But still, humans have a motive, to change motives, if that is better for us. So if AI is without that, then i dont know, if it can change its motives.

    What do you think?

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