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AI Skeptics

I am talking about those goalpost-moving crowd which says “You will be never able to make computers play chess!”. When computers do chess, they just move this goal to something else unachievable according to them, like Go. Pretending meanwhile, how trivial the chess was. It’s just an algorithm, they say.

It’s a well-known hypocrisy of this particular sect, nothing new here. But can we somehow use this pile of dishonest intellectual garbage for something interesting and informative?

Let me try! Until we have no algorithm, we have an open and “impossible” AI problem. Then, we have at least an lousy algorithm. Then we have a better algorithm. Then we have a superhuman level solving algorithm. Therefore, one day we will have the so-called AGI, when we will have one billion or more algorithms stacked so nifty, that they will trigger the most promising one among them, to solve any problem which may appear. A new algorithm will be devised when needed. In their free time, all those algorithms will be under optimization process and re-stacked often. Every aspect of this algorithm-hive will be the subject of a constant effort to improve.

And this we will call AGI. The above-mentioned skeptic club will call it “an increasingly large pile of self-improving algorithms for various tasks, nothing new”.





2 thoughts on “AI Skeptics

    • tl;dr; all yet …

      I think that the technological Singularity is quite possible to achieve with the machines. Quite eugenically (agree on that with this author), but on machines, we have or about to have. TS is not the only scenario, though. We may end up with a civilization collapse becoming some ordinary animals once again. We may also end up in some NRx society which will spur the Singularity a week sooner than this PC would. Or a week later, perhaps.

      “NNs aren’t superintelligent and will never be” – he says. Doesn’t matter. Given enough time, you can fake any kind of superintelligence using NNs, until you make a real one using NNs, which isn’t NN anymore. Making by a long faking. 10 years long faking at the most. And we are about 3 years already in this faking process by at least DeepMind.

      Some people NEVER learn, Never. “You cant drive safely with Tesla or Uber … “, they say. Yes, probably. But soon enough it will be very, very safe.

      The most relevant NRx question is this. Should the post Singularity society will be essentially PC or NRx or something else.

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