This example may be not entirely accurate, but it’s still a great illustration.


The Faint Sun Paradox

You can easily Google for articles like:

“Faint young Sun problem more severe due to ice-albedo feedback and higher rotation rate of the early Earth”

That a faster rotating planet should be colder in otherwise same circumstances, is a naive, wrong and stupid assumption.

In fact, a FASTER rotating planet should be HOTTER as well. Make no mistake about it!

There is a sober minority out there, which knows this elementary fact. I’ve mentioned it here before. The so called scientific community, however, is either ignorant of this problem, or compliant with this mistake, lie or whatever it is.

Why is this so important? Because, science should be truthful and not a lie designed for who knows what purpose. Perhaps to support the Warmers’ agenda, which substantially relies on this basic error.

If you wonder why it was so warm 150 million years ago, with a tropical paradise almost everywhere, you should know that the shorter Earth’s day is chiefly to thank. Not carbon dioxide, which was sometimes less and sometimes more abundant than today.

In fact, there is no paradox here at all!



Interesting Groups Out There

Those who I watch, because they may be important according to my best knowledge. Or at least, whose ideas might be important, if they are still  unable to materialize them.

One such a group are Transhumanists of several kinds. As you already know, they want to broaden our horizons drastically with the ever advancing technology, makes us effectively gods. I consider myself one of them, except that I am much more radical then almost any of them. I see, as if the way is getting closer, the will is getting weaker. There is a significant subculture of “Politicians Against the Singularity” among them. For “it is not safe yet, you know!” or “actually, we can’t do it” and so on. As if the Greens had infiltrated inside British Petroleum. As they did, as far as I know.  Still it is an outstanding group of organizations and individuals worth to have them on the radar.

There are so called Neoreactionaries out there. They are after the time, or better the political spirit of the time, before the French revolution. I am not one of them, but I do value many of there insights. At least, they analyze and criticize today political situation much better than any right or left wing commentator. For the Neoreactionaries, Democrats and Republicans in America, together with the TEA party are essentially all the same. The EU politics are only even worse, needless to say. Check on Google what Foseti or Modbug think about Nelson Mandela. Or better, check the facts about Mandela also, don’t just take their word. Examples, which might make you dizzy, are numerous.

Libertarians are another such a group, from objectivists to Rothbardians and others. This group however, is bleeding their members in favor of Neoreactionaries. As a matter of fact, the Transhumanists are also bleeding their members to Neoreactionaries. Many are both. Some are all of the above.

And there are Frackers.  They rather want you to call them Horizontal Drillers or Shale Gas and Oil Prospectors, or something in that sense, but I prefer to call them with this name. This is the group, I admire the most. Instead of just a lot of talking, they did a heroic job already. After decades of mostly silent work, but not entirely  silent, (Scientific American wrote about them back in 1980 or there around) – they turn our world upside down in a just few years. They turned the “peak oil” to “oil and gas bonanza” in a few years. But they have just started. Their appearance and success is a small scale model of (an early phase) Technological Singularity.

And there is Satoshi Nakamoto and the giants he is standing on their shoulders. While we were waiting for Quantum Contracts, they have achieved basically the same  with the classical cryptography.  Virtually unbreakable order among humans can be achieved with those algorithms. Just as smart drones over the state can eliminate the entire traffic police force; this technology could wipe out much of the lawyers, judges, accountants, banks and all of those who live of officially sealed papers, which will go away.

Well, those are important groups I am aware of. They may be others I don’t see. But hardly any of those very popular today, like electric car manufacturers, boson hunters, marine biologists or  China. Being widely fashionable before your  time, means your time will never come.  If too many people understands what you are saying to them and they love it, then it can’t be new and significant for the future.