Set Theory Problem

There are at most aleph-zero disjunct 3D spheres in 3D space. And there are at least aleph-one disjunct 2D circles in every finite volume part of the 3D space?

The number of points in N dimensional space is always aleph-one. And you can also divide this space into aleph-one disjunct N-1 dimensional spheres.

Is there a way to divide 3D space into aleph-one cubes with no common volume? They may touch each other, but may not share some common volume.

If you can find one such space division, you brought down the ZF Set Theory.


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Recent 2 Problems

Were a part of the “scientific war”. Not so much a better known cultural war,  despite the fact one may see them as that, too!

Two corner stones for the Climate Change narrative are obviously shaky. Our planet was once warm, thanks to its faster rotation in the first place. And the locally rising sea is a bulshit as well.

These basic facts explains a lot!




Create 2314

This is how you create the number 7.

MakeIntVar A
Inc A
Inc A
Dec A


MakeIntVar A
MakeIntVar B
Inc A
Inc B
Shl A, A
Shl A, A

You can do all the basic operations + – * \ and you can shift right and left, and decrease or increase any variable, which you have to “MakeIntVar” first. By doing that, the variable is initialized to zero.

Now, make 2314 with the shortest possible algorithm.