Internet Garbage

Be extremely cautious if and when reading the Internet.

High-energy subatomic particles called neutrinos from beyond our solar system have been detected on Earth for the first time ever.

The supernova in 1987 has been detected by its neutrinos, FYI.

A substantial part of the media, the internet and even the scientific community appears to be plain stupid. You have no choice but to do the best you can, in avoiding being fooled. Fools are fanatics, they want to recruit everybody into their ranks.


The Fermi Crisis

‘Where are they?’, asked Enrico Fermi decades ago. He meant all the aliens, of course. Apparently, the sky is empty of them, but why? Did they all die or what? Have they ever lived?

As Marshall T. Savage put it:

Scientists huddle around radio telescopes listening intently to one star at a time for the sound of dripping water, when what they are seeking would sound like Niagara Falls.

We have a major bookkeeping imbalance to correct. So many stars and planets on one side, and so few space travelers and space conquerors on the other.

Maybe, there’s also too much water in space.


I  have been waiting for THIS for a decade or so, googling constantly – ‘has it appeared yet?’

Every now and then a question was posted somewhere – ‘Can I run an executable inside a web page?’ The answer was mostly – ‘Why would you want to do that, it’s impossible anyway for a security reasons!’

Now the Web as we knew it for so long, is going to become – a new floppy disk.

For perspective’s sake, Big Data is nothing, for me. But THIS is huge. A necessary precursor for the next step that I have been waiting waiting for, for ten long years.


I Can’t Believe It, But I Try To

Years ago, we met at the pub, like many times before and since.

Him: A meteorite was found in the Hills.

Me: Was it actually found or just seen falling?

Him: Found, by somebody I know, and you also met him before, at least once.

Me, pondering silently: It’s been more than a century, since the only bolide in the whole country was picked up. The area of 20,000 square kilometers has yielded 1 meteorite per 100 years. Now he is telling me the local area of less than 1000 square kilometers has brought us the second in the last year? It’s 1 in 2000.

Me: Maybe.

Reality proved him right, it really happened, despite my disbelief.