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The Ulimate Technology – Permutators

Since the God lost much of his grip in the secularized West, the Mother Nature quietly and effectively inherited God’s power and status. It’s an unquestionable authority, you should admire, respect and obey. Only a small  disobedience now and then is tolerated or is forgiven, like mauling your lawn or throwing a small pebble into a river. But even those two examples are increasingly discouraged. You should leave the lawn in its natural form for the sake of some insects, which they have families there.

In his later centuries of power, God become more friendly to sinners. A mistake Mother Nature is not going to repeat according to her high Green priests.

But this is not what is going to happen. I must admit, that the Nature has it’s moment, but living in a concentration camp or gulag, had such moments, too. Just another excuse to escape in a somewhat better world outside.

Sooner or later,  we will need all the atoms, to create a much better world where currently lies this provisionally scrapped-together one. The current permutation of all the atoms (maybe even the current permutation of all the smaller particles)  is incredibly low on the inhabitants satisfaction index ladder. Could be billions of times better.

A permutator is a machine which can transform a physical object into another physical object, by a permutation of its elements. We all know how to permutate a pile of Lego bricks to a fancy house or better, a robot. It is just the same principle, when it comes to atoms, sometimes even to molecules. It takes only a permutation of atoms to convert an ill man to a healthy one.  A miserable to a happy, an old to an of his prime years – and so on and on. Only the thermodynamics has to be obeyed and everything inside of that perimeter is possible, if you know how. If you have the know-how, or at least a permutator machine.

Tell me, which nature lover wouldn’t feed a particular hungry bird, despite the warning tables which encourage you to let them all die of hunger?

And which nature lower equipped with a permutator machine wouldn’t permutate a tick infested moose to a clean one?

It is a self fueling process. Every permutator machine owner would improve himself in every way imaginable to him. Some of them would kill you, just as they want to do it now. Some would permutate your permutator to something less  practical, like a statue of Zeus.

This would quickly escalate to a war, like no war before, if everybody had one such a machine.

But nobody with a permutator would want to sell you one, for you have nothing worth it. Even several billion dollar cash isn’t enough for a transaction. Therefore a small group of those, who will be able to construct it, will shape the whole world with it, pretty quickly . They will be the ultimate transformers of the world. Whoever they will be, I doubt the Serengeti national park will still inhabit lions, crocodiles and other fauna. I doubt that the Sun itself in the present hot form will survive. I think all the fires in the Galaxy will be put down, all the action will go near the absolute zero, where it is the most economic.

I have reasons to believe, that those permutators will come even sooner than the full nano naturally  would. The mature nanotechnology may look something like a permutator, only that there is a probable shortcut to the matter permutation.

Next: How to build one (at least in principle)?

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Comets, Asteroids and H bombs

I’d like to point to a frequent mistake made by many celebrity physics professors, who keep telling us this on the Discovery Channel,  National Geographic Channel, and other broadcast channels.  It’s more ignorance than a mistake. Doesn’t really matter that many movie directors in Hollywood agree with them.

They say God forbid smashing an incoming asteroid with a big nuclear bomb! That the parts of a broken asteroid are even more dangerous. That many more pieces will be hitting us, better to leave it in one big chunk.

Well, this is baloney. Maybe if we decided to detonate very near our planet. In which case no method would work anyway. But if we destroy the asteroid far away from us, many years and many billion kilometers before the scheduled impact, then it poses no danger whatsoever.

The gravity center of the asteroid could still meet us here. But it will be an empty center made of cold interplanetary vacuum from which all the pieces will have already escaped. This is called the Conservation of Momentum. It would be incredibly hard to keep a smaller piece of the exploded asteroid in the old orbit. Of the original rock merely a bunch of spin off trajectories, less dangerous than the average asteroid would remain.

You can imagine the Halley comet splitting into only two smaller parts because of an internal explosion. Let’s say that before the explosion, Haley is 10 years from smashing into Mars. The two orbits after dividing will both be very different from the old one. Neither one will hit Mars. The same holds for any number of parts an explosion could make.

Next time, just send a big H bomb toward the incoming comet! Don’t worry about small pieces, they will be million of miles away.