Antarctica, Antarctica!

There are only a few creeks down there. No real river, at all.

So, perhaps 10 thousand cubic kilometers of water is discharged annually by ice dropping into the ocean?

This amount is needed for the 1 meter in 30 years ocean rise. A very popular Climate Change Church warning to humanity, to change its ways.

Well maybe it’s not 1 meter in 30 years, but rather 5 meters in 100 years sea rise – or some other equally crazy statement.

An ice cube so big (1 cubic kilometer) floating around has never been observed in reality. Let alone 10000 of them each year. Or one such a chunk of ice parting away at every kilometer of Antarctica’s coast, every year!

Perhaps, there are smaller? Ice cubes with only 100 meters edges. Then we need one such at every single meter of the Antarctica’s coast to afloat, every year.

About equally crazy. It would be a real logistic nightmare to dispatch 100 million of them per year.

If you can’t do the numbers, you can’t do the science. Period.

Or should I put it this way – 1000 Missoula Floods are needed every year in Antarctica just to rise the sea level for 3 centimeters. As it is numerically required for the said rise.

Silly and crazy. Triple check the above numbers yourself, otherwise you’ll never understand this Warmer Charade.


Back to Antarctica

We are told, almost on a daily basis, that Antarctica is melting so fast, that the world’s ocean will rise one meter in 30 years or so.

It just so happens, that 1 meter rise over 360 million square kilometers means so much water in this next 1 billion seconds (32 years), that 20 liters of water per second is required from every meter of Antarctica’s coast. Provided that this coast is 17 thousand kilometers long and that it flows all year around.

On average, of course.

Check these numbers for yourself. You will no longer believe it.